Some progress at last?!?

Outraged Canadian - 1st Ever Protest!

Outraged Canadian – 1st Ever Protest!

After more than 2 years of FATCA being ignored, lately there’s been some positive progress made on getting this issue into mainstream media to alert all Canadians about what’s going on.

The FATCA issue is now, finally, hitting the mainstream media, we have some big names on board fighting with us (notably Peter Hogg and Allison Christians), and our government is finally being pressured to stand up for us.

November 25th: An open letter was sent to Minister Flaherty and posted on and

Isaac Brock Society link and MapleSandbox link

→Excerpt: So, again, the question is simple.  Do Canadian citizens and residents born in United States or with some bizarre past U.S. connection have the same rights as all other Canadians?

November 25th: CBC just published an article about FATCA:

→Excerpt: To enact the IGA, the Canadian government would almost certainly need to introduce a new law or amend existing ones to allow financial institutions to breach the privacy of Canadian citizens and residents. It’s not clear how that can be done without running afoul of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

November 19th: CBC interviewed a representative of the Canadian Bankers Association and the Chair of Tax Law at McGill University regarding FATCA:

Isaac Brock Society has a print version:

→Excerpt: But the truth is FATCA has the potential to touch a much larger number of unsuspecting Canadians.

November 16th: Macleans Magazine article published “On ‘real’ Canadians and how Freeland could have responded to McQuaig”

Excerpt –> This kind of snooping could turn out to unconstitutional under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which protects privacy and liberty and forbids discrimination based on “national or ethnic origin.”

November 13th: Allison Christians and AtticusinCanada were interviewed on CBC’s The Current.

→Excerpt: A new American law set to kick in next year will demand Canadian banks hand over what in our country is private information, on clients with an American connection.

November 12th: Maplesandbox and IsaacBrockSociety delivered a joint letter to Terry Campbell, president of the Canadian Banker’s Association

→Excerpt: As citizens and residents of Canada, we are strongly opposed to the Canadian Bankers Association’s (CBA) recently-stated advocacy for an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) that would allow the government of the United States – through the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act – to impose its tax laws in Canada.

November 8th: SAIT’s online publication, The Press, published an article about the Raging Grannies protesting “FATCA draws protestors out in the cold”

→Excerpt: Despite the heavy snow fall, several groups gathered Saturday, Nov. 2 to protest the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) to be implemented by Harper’s government.

October 31st:  Macleans Magazine published “What’s FATCA? The IRS peeking into Canadian’s bank accounts”:

→Excerpt: The other problem with FATCA is that it asks foreign banks to do things that are often illegal in their home countries, such as passing on certain private information.

 October 28th: Scott Brison, Liberal MP submitted questions in parliament about FATCA

October 25th: Liberal MP Ted Hsu asked a long list of questions in parliament

Date Unsure: Buzzfeed has a satirical video “FATCA: The Most Important Law You’ve Never Heard of.”  Quite, quite funny.  And scary. And sad, all at the same time.

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  1. @Blaze, LOL. Well, I don’t think any media even noticed us, BUT I KNOW some conservative party members did! Think they could be alerting the media?? ha ha, right.

  2. Submission re Pre-Budget Consultations 2014 Dec. 5/13: FACTA: We have NO money to subsidize a foreign govt’s tax fishing expeditions. The common-law revenue rule still good law in Canada precludes enforcement of foreign tax. It’s an invasion of privacy and sovereignty and its sole purpose is to benefit a foreign treasury. If Canadian banks are required to comply they will pass on costs to Canadians making us all de facto US taxpayers. Political suicide.’ Send your own suggestions re tax treaty via or email Harper and Flaherty directly!

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